The Past Three Months

I’m so excited that I finally will have time to write on the blog! The last couple of weeks of school have felt crazy with SOLs, giving high school exams, and trying to get my classroom in order for summer. I cannot believe that the last day of school has come and gone! We celebrated by going to Grain with out friends, we haven’t been there since Ian’s parents visited in April.


We’ve done a lot in the past three months so I think its safe to say that I won’t remember everything we did, but I am going to try my best by looking through the pictures on my phone.

One of my favorite things recently is how early the sun has been coming up. Right now the sunrise is at 5:45 which is ideal for running before school. By the time I’m running at 6:15 its nice and bright outside and I don’t need to be running in the dark for the beginning of my run. I also have been able to see the sunrise almost every day if I don’t wake up too late!


We went to the zoo on a cloudy Sunday (in May? I can’t remember). It was great because the place was empty! It felt like there were only two or three other groups there and a lot of the animals were out. I think the giraffes were my favorite!


In May I realized that I hadn’t read many books in 2018 and had read one in 2019 so far, and I wanted to change that. It has taken a conscious effort to get myself reading again but since then I have already read six. I have read:

Two Little Girls in Blue

Marley and Me – I had only seen the movie but never read the book, so many tears!

Lilac Girls

A Spark of Light – Julia recommended this book to me and it was the craziest timing because almost right when I started reading it the news about Alabama and Georgia abortion laws was coming out. This book is about a shooting at a women’s reproductive health services clinic. One of the reasons I liked it so much is because it does the timeline backwards rather than forward.

The Favorite Sister – I liked this book but it the characters were very, very corny! It is about a murder that takes place on the set of a reality TV show.

All the Light We Cannot See 


Usually by the time Friday comes I am so tired and we watch a show all night but since the weather has been so nice we have been trying to actually do something after work on Fridays. It’s been fun trying a different brewery those days because it feels like there are millions around us!


For Memorial Day weekend Ian and I drove to D.C. on Saturday early in the morning, stayed the night, and left around noon on Sunday. Ian’s friend from Lehigh just moved there so we got to hang out with him! We didn’t really go with any plans so we just walked around and explored for the day. We did get a tour of the capital building which I had never done before and we walked around to see the monuments.


Our upstairs neighbor visits his sister in D.C. pretty often so he recommended that we get dinner at Bar Deco. I didn’t take a picture of my meal, but look at Ian’s burger! I can’t remember what the bun was, but I remember it tasted like french toast or something, it was amazing.


Before leaving D.C. we stopped to get an iced coffee and then went to the Udvar Hazy museum.


Skittles from Antonio Brown’s house for the drive home!


The next weekend Ian was gone but I ended up running a 5k on Saturday morning. I ended up coming in 3rd over all for women, which is a first for me! Even though it was a pretty small race, it still felt cool.


Last weekend was Harborfest in the downtown. On Saturday we went with our friends to check it out before I chaperoned the 8th grade dance – there were so many food trucks and tall ships. We also saw the hot dog eating competition on Sunday. It was a 10 minute contest and the winner ate 47 hot dogs, I felt queasy after watching that..


Basically after Memorial Day Weekend I was focused on making it to the end of the school year. I can’t wait for more slow mornings like these this summer. At the end of the month I’ll head to Cape Cod for the first of two times this vacation! 🙂



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