St. Patrick’s Day Weekend, Visitors, and Charlotte

I started to write this post after St. Patrick’s Day but never finished it and didn’t post it. Since then we’ve done what feels like a lot so hopefully this won’t be too long! I don’t want to forget anything.


Sometimes four day work weeks feel longer than regular work weeks, and that was definitely last week for me. I was so tired on Friday that I got into bed right after school, ate dinner, and then went back to bed. I felt way more rested when I woke up on Saturday!


It was so nice out last week that we finally got to play tennis after not playing for a few months. I was REALLY rusty so I’m excited to start playing a lot more often.


Saturday morning was so pretty-ย  It was sunny and about 50 degrees. I went out for a 4-mile run early before we started to get ready for the parade. It was fun to run around the neighborhood right before because I could watch people set up their floats.


When I got back from my run I made coffee and watched Netflix for a little while before getting ready. The parade was enormous, it was a 1.5 mile long route and every inch on either side of the street was packed with people, dogs, chairs, food, drinks, and green everywhere. I didn’t know it would be so huge because normally Ocean View is kind of a quiet place! I think we watched for about 2 and a half hours before we went back to the house.

Image result for ocean view st patrick's day parade

When we got back we ordered Dominoes, played Kan Jam, and hung out in the back yard until every one wanted to take a nap (mostly me).

Ian and I have a long list of restaurants we want to try, so last night we decided to check one off the list! We went to Longboards on East Beach. The sunset was so perfect!


I got the Jalapeรฑo Popper Burger and it was amazing, Ian got the fish and chips ๐Ÿ™‚


I couldn’t get over the sunset! After dinner we watched some throwback episodes of Drake and Josh, and I fell asleep right at 11, it felt like a really long day.


I started of Sunday with a 9 mile run. I like to get it done before 10 so that I feel like I still have the whole day to relax afterwards. Then Ian and I went mountain biking in Newport News. I was kind of nervous because I hadn’t mountain biked in a long time, but it turned out to be a really fun time.


We waited out the traffic home by going for a walk at a conservation nearby ๐Ÿ™‚ I like how Ian is always up to go for a walk even after we have done a lot of other things that day.


We were excited for the weekend to come because Kylie and Jason were visiting! They didn’t arrive until late on Saturday, so late on Sunday morning we walked to the beach and then explored Fort Monroe before getting lunch and going to a cider house. It was such a nice day out – I hate it when visitors come and then it is rainy and cold.


Afterwards we went to the grocery store and got stuff to make homemade pizzas. It was so fun hanging out all together, I wish Ian and I had the week off to spend more time with them. But they did stay until Wednesday morning so we went out to eat with them on Monday and Tuesday night too!


On Tuesday night we went to Grain because it’s our favorite place to get drinks but we had never had the food. When it is warmer out you can eat outside and see the “city” part of Norfolk from above, but it was closed when we went.


Having them visit during the week made Monday through Wednesday fly by! I was surprised it was already Thursday and I had to get a lot of work done for school before Spring vacation started on Friday.

We left on Friday after work to drive to Charlotte! Unfortunately about an hour and half into our drive something didn’t sound right with my car to Ian, so we turned around and drove all the way home to switch cars. This meant we didn’t end up getting to Charlotte until 3 am.ย  Ian was a trooper and drove the whole way while I made a bed in the back seat and slept for 4 hours out of the 5 hour car ride. It was better I slept than be awake and grumpy ๐Ÿ™‚

Needless to say waking up 3 hours later at 6:30 to run 13.1 miles was NOT appealing. It was hard to pump myself up but I was able to get to the start line, put my headphones in, and see how it went. My stomach and my head both felt off.

Fun fact: this was the first race I ever used a porta potty that they set up on the race course! I’m not actually sure if that was a fun fact or just a fact, but there you go.

The race was beautiful and on a warm sunny day, which helped a lot. We ran on a rail trail through the woods near the prettiest houses I had ever seen. There was an enormous hill at the end which made me angry, but I guess I paid for this!


The guy who was running in front of me for a while had the best shirt, I want one!

I was really happy and surprised to finish the race in 1:55:56. I made a big mistake of sitting down immediately because as I am writing this I can still barely move from soreness. I was proud of myself for having a rough night but still going to the race and running under 2 hours! I am way too stubborn for not doing the race or quitting early to even be an option. I think this is one of the hardest races I have done.

I am going to take a week completely off of running!


We went back to the Airbnb to shower and get changed to go explore. Before we left I felt very nauseous and weak, turns out I was very dehydrated. Gingerale, gatorade, and water cured me shockingly fast and I was good to go. We actually ended up going to Ikea before the city because I had never been. I can’t wait until the one in Norfolk opens!

First stop in the city was to get a cold brew coffee. I know I had just been very dehydrated, but I really wanted one anyways!


I love walking around a place I have never been before because you don’t know what will be around each corner. We found a park that ended up sitting in for a while, and we watched someone get proposed to!


We walked around some more and found a place to get dinner. I can’t even remember what I ordered but I had a picture of it.


I thought Charlotte was such a cool city! We both wish we had more time to stay. There are a lot of mountain bike trails so when we come back Ian is going to bring his bike.


We fell asleep at 9 and woke up 12 hours later. I can’t believe how tired we were just from one late night on Friday ๐Ÿ™‚

We got coffee and headed out!



We ended up breaking up the drive home because we visited Anabel at Wake Forest! She showed us campus and got lunch together. It was really nice to see her, Ian’s cousins are the best.


And now I have the week to myself! I am beyond excited to relax, I might get a pedicure today because of all the racing I have done and maybe get some Spring clothes too. Have a great Monday!!