One City Half Marathon

It’s March! That means that I have two half marathons this month and I finished one of them today 🙂 On Friday Ian met me at my school and we drove to Newport News to pick up my race bib and shirt so that we didn’t need to drive all the way there on Saturday. There was no race day packet pick up so those were the only two options.

On Saturday I slept in and then did a 3 mile shake out run nice and slow. By the time it was 2:30 we figured we should probably go out and do something. Ian had been wanting to go to Air Power Park, so we drove to Hampton and walked around all the planes they had on display! Ian loved it.


There was the outdoor part which we drive by all the time and an indoor part which we hadn’t been to see before. It was really fun!


We went to American Brew for coffee before coming back to the apartment and making pasta for my race the next day!

I woke up at 5:00 and had a cup of coffee and some water, got dressed, and made sure everything was ready to go! I was so nervous because I wanted to beat 1:51. Ian drove me to the start and said goodbye and then would try to find a spot to see me before the finish.

Miles 1-6 felt faster than usual, but pretty good! I stuck with the two guys who were pacing for 1:45 hoping to just stick to them like glue for the whole race. I was doing pretty well and chatting with them but around 6.5 miles there was a hill that they sped up and I just lost them on. I kept them in my sights for the next 3 miles though.

Without the 1:45 group miles 7-9 were harder but I was still keeping the 1:45 group in sight and I had some good music to pump me up. I also saw Ian at mile 8.5 which was so nice because I wasn’t sure if he would be able to find a parking spot and all that! He really pumped me up to get to the finish. Right before I saw Ian I ran by the water stop (with music loud so I couldn’t hear the people) not realizing that they gave me a cup of beer 🙂 I was surprised because it didn’t taste like Gatorade but it surprisingly didn’t taste that bad while running a half marathon at 8am!

Miles 9-13 I dropped to an average of 8:25 miles but as long as I kept my legs moving I knew my time would be okay. I turned the corner to the finish and saw 1:46 on the clock! I crossed the line by 1:47 so I’m hoping that that my chip time will be a little faster. We shall see, but either way I beat my PR by about 5 minutes! I was so proud of myself because I am not good at letting myself be uncomfortable and pushing the pace, but this time I did it and held on. Usually I settle for a normal pace but I was really able to get out of my comfort zone today just knowing ahead of time that it would hurt more (but feel GREAT in the long run).


After I saw Ian he took a picture under the Victory Arch! After the end of World War I, the arch was built to welcome home the troops at Hampton Roads- it’s really impressive in person. We saw my friends finish their races and then walked around the food trucks and ended up leaving pretty soon because I was so cold! It was only 42 degrees but after a hard race sometimes I feel shaky and cold.

My stomach hurt so bad for a few hours so we watched Netflix for a while until suddenly my hunger came back with a vengeance. We went to the Dirty Buffalo for wings, my favorite! It was so fun to sit with Ian and tell him every single detail of the race (I’m sure he loved that) over lots of food.


Have a great Sunday, I’ll be getting ready for school today and looking forward to ice cream with cookies tonight!

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