Snowless Winter

I don’t want to speak too soon, but I think this was my first winter ever not seeing snow (except for Christmas time in New England). But in Virginia, no snow. Today there was a warning of possible snow/rain mix in the early morning so I’m currently enjoying the first and probably only 2 hour delay for the school year. It’s also my day off from running so I thought I would take this free time to write a post which I’ve been wanting to do for a while!

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This past weekend Ian and I did pretty much nothing since it was so rainy, but on Sunday we finally got to go explore the USS Wisconsin. It’s an enormous battleship that we always walk by downtown. Since we just got our Virginia licenses and they were having a half-off deal for Norfolk residents, it was the perfect long weekend to finally see the museum! Before we went I fit in an 11-mile long run, so by the end of exploring the ship I was suddenly fading. We will definitely go back though!


On Monday (Presidents Day) I ran 3 miles to shake out from my long run the day before. Then we went to Pourfavor coffee house because I had been wanting to try it so badly. It was a really cute coffee shop but the coffee I ordered was terrible! I also ordered an “old fashion macchiato” to try and be adventurous so that’s probably where I went wrong. Having to brace yourself before each sip was not fun but dang it I was going to get my $4 worth!


I spent the rest of my Monday getting ready for school (which I had told myself to do on Saturday), watching Netflix, and going for a few walks.

Even though March is going to be a long month, I am running two half marathons! One is the first Sunday in March in Newport News, and the other one is the last Saturday in March in Charlotte, NC.  We are going to stay at an Airbnb and explore Charlotte for that weekend which I am so excited about. It’s my first weekend of April vacation so I wanted to do something fun before I hang out at home for that week. Hopefully we’ll have some visitors in the middle of the month too!



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