Orientation, Fort Monroe, and a Visitor!

My view at the moment, I have found out that I love love love nitro cold brew coffee! It tastes like there is cream even though it is just black coffee. The best.


Since we last talked I have been to a week and a half of new teacher orientation! It has been helpful and rather overwhelming (so much information!) but I feel as excited and nervous as ever. I think during these orientations they talk a lot about worst case scenarios, which can be alarming to imagine, but it is a good idea to be prepared for difficult situations. I feel ready to make a lot of mistakes but also have a few successes too πŸ™‚ It will be a year full of learning.

One of the best things about this week was meeting my mentor at school. She is awesome and I can already tell how she will be a big support for me this year. She told me to go her to with any questions (even if I think they are dumb), if I need a good cry during the day, or if I need some words of encouragement. When I arrived at my school the first day she was already there and ready with a gift of notebooks, highlighters, pens, pencils, magnets, and an agenda book with the school calendar events already written on the dates πŸ™‚ I felt really lucky and welcome. Next week I will meet the other Spanish teacher that is in our building part-time, and the Spanish teacher from last year! I’m really grateful for those meetings because they said they will bring their lesson plans and resources to help me out. I already know that this year will be so much work outside of school hours, but hopefully that will help a lot.


Near my school is a beach park where I have gone running every day. I’ve said before that I don’t like running in the afternoon very much, but I’m going to have to get used to it. Luckily this park is perfect because they have changing rooms, bathrooms, water fountains, and tons of shade. 3 miles has been the name of the game lately, just enough to make me feel like I got a good workout but not so long that I get home really late. I have found that running with music at the end of the day is really great for helping me think over some of the things that happened and reflect on the day overall. I’m sure that when I am having tough days at school my runs will be even more essential!


Today during my run I was thinking about this blog and realized that even though its called “ranting runner blog,” I barely talk about running anymore. I still run basically every day but its not as much as a focus for me right now. I’m not training for any race I and just running because I like the way I feel after and how it helps me think straight. At the moment I feel much more interested in weekend adventures with Ian and friends, meeting new people, and the scary adventure that is teaching! I think I am going to rename it soon, but I want to think of something good πŸ™‚

Speaking of adventures, we went on a few last weekend!

Ian’s friend Danny stayed with us on Thursday and Friday night and it was so nice to hang out with him! We went on a boat tour of the naval base while Ian was at work on Friday and then went downtown at night.


I had so much fun with them, I can’t wait to have more visitors πŸ™‚

Soon after he left on Saturday it began toΒ downpour, so we went to a cafe and that was our only outing for the day. Nice and relaxing!


On Sunday Ian and I went to explore Fort Monroe and it was so much more interesting than I had thought it would be. In the morning I ran and Ian biked before we headed north over the bridge! We went to Firehouse Coffee to grab a cold drink before we walked around.

IMG_0533I learned that this was the most southern fort for the Union during the civil war, and we also go to see the prison cell where Jefferson Davis was held (the leader of the confederate army)! There were tons of houses where people lived on the fort and we were just imagining that if there were an apocalypse or something, this would be the safest place to be. All the houses were so beautiful.


We ended up exploring the fort for 3 hours and I was starving! We always forget to eat breakfast on the weekends and end up eating a big late lunch and a small dinner. Reminds me of how Julia and I used to eat in Spain πŸ™‚

Thank goodness its Friday so we can explore some more!!

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