A Road Trip Spring Break

Spring Break feels like ages ago now, but I still wanted to put up a post about it to look back on!

I’d say the only bad thing about the vacation was that Ian was feeling really sick the first Saturday on our way to Long Island. We ended up taking it easy that first Saturday and making the journey on Sunday when he was getting back to his normal self! Since we would be sitting around all day Ian drove me to a rail trail so I could run a little bit before! I hate being lazy until I’ve moved around a bit- afterwards I’m all about it.


I think having that day to relax really helped him, so we got to Long Island around 1 on Sunday, ate lunch, and then drove around. There was lots of traffic because of the St. Patrick’s Day parade in town, but driving slow meant we could look around more! I’ve heard so much about Long Island because Lauren lives there too as well as a lot of my friends from Quinnipiac- it’s weird that I had never been there before last week. I thought it was so cute and there were a few coffee shops that we got to visit.

Sweetie Pies was so cute, I would go there ever day if I lived around there. We also bought two cookies to have after supper! They asked if we wanted the gluten free, vegan, or normal cookies (we opted for the glutenized 🙂 )


We left for D.C. on Wednesday and decided on parking at a metro station and taking the train in- look how clean it is! Nobody is allowed to eat or drink while on the subway. I’m so used to the Boston subway where basically anything goes.


The first day we did monuments, and I kept forgetting that Ian hadn’t been before! I loved walking around all day, but wind made it bitterly cold. At least it wasn’t raining. We saw all of the monuments, the Obama portraits, and the White House, and it only took us 12 miles of walking!

20180313_161737.jpg20180313_132926.jpgWe were sore and ready to sit by the time 6 o’clock came around. I’m glad that we had Brendan’s apartment to hang out at instead of going somewhere to spend money again.

For dinner we went out to tapas, I hadn’t done that in a while and it was a nice change. Brendan and I both got Alhambra beer from Granada, I couldn’t believe they had it so I had to get it!

For our second day in D.C. we planned to be at the Air and Space Museum from open until close. In the morning I had a phone interview kind of thing (it was really hard to find a quiet place, but I did!) and then we were off to Ian’s idea of heaven. I remembered the museum from 5th grade, but it was really fun this time because I had forgotten a lot of it and Ian could tell me anything I wanted to know. The best part about the whole day was seeing Ian love the museum just as much as I thought he would! I don’t think 7 hours was enough time.


Getting back that night we were so so tired. I was happy that Thursday, Friday, and Saturday would be time to just hang out and explore Bethlehem and Allentown.

Lehigh is so pretty!


I like going to bookshops with Ian because I can get ideas of what to check out at the library and see what’s new and popular. The one across the river in Bethlehem had a chocolate shop and cafe in the back! It looks so small from the outside but you can just keep going through rooms, I was so confused the first time there.


Ian said he had never had truffles before?? So we made a stop 🙂


Then on Sunday we went to Philadelphia for bike racing! I was very tired and so cold and I wondered why I was there haha. But eventually I remembered how Ian was in the cold for 4 hours during my marathon so I owed him one 😉 I also found free and hot coffee so all was well.


***A side note about coffee: I am doing an environmental research paper for my final project and learned that a lot of coffee cultivation from South America causes deforestation of the Amazon rainforest! Buying shade-grown coffee is much better for the environment and promotes using less pesticides and causes less deforestation. I learned that Gevalia is a really good brand of coffee and is shade-grown. I only just learned this yesterday!***



Ian did great! He said he wouldn’t since he hadn’t had much opportunity to train this winter, but he did so well.

I was so sad Spring Break was over because the next two weeks involved me being a total stress ball.  Teaching exams, research papers, and presentations had my heart rate way up according to my Garmin! I really needed to destress after all of that, after all I’m almost done with college.

I’ve definitely been running more as a way to destress, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. It’s good to have an outlet. I’ve done a few track workouts and have done my longest run since the marathon (6 miles!).

20180403_073545.jpgGetting to run while the sun is coming up is sometimes the best part of the day. I love being the only one awake and done working out before 8am.


And I got to go home for Easter! I was only there Sunday and Monday, and it felt way too short, but it was nice to see my family. I had wanted to go for a walk with my mom but I must have been really tired because I fell asleep on the couch for 3 hours instead.


Only about 4 weeks to go until graduation, and so much to do!! Hopefully I will have time to post again soon but I truly have no idea when that might be.

Have a great weekend!!!! 🙂

1 thought on “A Road Trip Spring Break”

  1. Big shout out to my sister, the ranting runner! I did my first half-marathon yesterday, and she deserves half of my finishers medal. She dragged me out the door early in the morning for my first training run, made me a personalized training schedule, and gave me almost daily advice and encouragement. Thanks sis!


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