President’s Day Weekend

Today I wore a tank top and shorts on my run, and tomorrow it is supposed to be a high of 72 in Amherst! The weather has been crazy to say the least- it snowed a lot on Saturday night, and it is supposed to snow here again on Thursday. I do like the warm weather, but I can’t stop thinking about how unusual and concerning it is. I’ve just walked to the library (doesn’t this picture make it look so daunting?) and am about to focus on some things due tomorrow!


Let’s backtrack to the start of the weekend though!

I ended up not being able to run on Friday, and the whole day was a little more eventful than we had hoped for. Morgan broke her elbow last week while Amherst was really icy, and her surgery was scheduled for Friday, so we planned the day out and left early to be prepared! On the way there we got rear ended while waiting at a stop light, it was horrible timing. She continued to the hospital with a friend that picked her up while I sorted things out with the other driver. It’s good that I was stopped far behind the car in front of me so that I didn’t hit them. I then met my sister at the surgery waiting room a little while later. She’s so positive, if I broke my elbow I would be an absolute wreck.

I spent about 3 hours in the hospital cafe doing homework after my sister went in, and we were finally able to go back to UMass at 5:30. Erik sent Morgan and I some money to get snacks since we had such a rough day, so we stopped to treat ourselves on the way home 🙂 Also, Morgan hadn’t been allowed to eat or drink anything since dinner the day before so she was starving! Since we had left at 9am it was a long, long day at the hospital- I was so happy to get home, make dinner, watch This is Us and be in my bed again. I didn’t get to run but I decided that I would get in a really good run before work on Saturday morning. I was happy that Morgan’s surgery went perfectly and that everyone in the car crash was okay.

The next day I slept in late, put on some old John Mayer songs, and ran 4 miles! Friday was such a weird day for me, but my run was like pushing a reset button, and I felt so much better afterwards.


Then I went to The Works for more homework and a coffee. They have the best French Vanilla around!


I was caffeinated and ready for work – and for Emily’s surprise party I had planned for that night! I was actually really excited for work at the ice cream store because they have new butterscotch brownie and red velvet oreo flavors that I wanted to try (I was right, I knew they would both be amazing). On the way home I went to pick up some balloons, streamers, and a vegan donut at Glazed as Emily’s birthday cake! We had so much fun, I think I’m getting pretty good at hosting people at our house 🙂 Emily wasn’t surprised but she said she can’t be surprised, oh well, I tried.


I’ll spare the details of Sunday and Monday because it would be way too boring for anyone to read, or for me to write (run –> work –> homework). Lately I’ve been picking up a bunch of shifts at the dining hall at school because Ian and I are going on a mini road trip for Spring Break (New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C.)! I want to have plenty of money saved for that week to use for gas and treat ourselves wherever we make a stop. I actually don’t mind because I make the pizzas at Franklin (which is kind of fun) and I get a free meal every time I work! That means I’ve had to buy less and less groceries 🙂 20180218_135303.jpg

Look how different the running path was since the picture before! By Saturday the path had finally gotten dry and safe again, had heavy snow on it all the way until Monday, and now today it is all dry again. Crazy.


After work on Sunday I watched No Strings Attached at Julia’s house with our friends, which was super relaxing. Justin Timberlake looks so young in that movie!! I almost wish I hadn’t fallen asleep while hanging out but it was nice to take a nap. The funny thing is they made me a coffee, maybe it was decaf??


Before I started homework and worked on Monday I went for a walk while listening to “Modern Love,” one of my favorite podcasts on Spotify! I really enjoy this podcast because famous actors read essays written by ordinary people who submit them. They are all about love, but they can be about any kind of love (love for sisters, pets, moms, work, grandfathers, friends, sports, boyfriends, anything really!) Some are heartbreaking, some are uplifting, you really never know what you’re going to get with each one. I think its actually hosted or sponsored by the New York Times.


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