President’s Day Weekend

Today I wore a tank top and shorts on my run, and tomorrow it is supposed to be a high of 72 in Amherst! The weather has been crazy to say the least- it snowed a lot on Saturday night, and it is supposed to snow here again on Thursday. I do like the warm weather, but I can’t stop thinking about how unusual and concerning it is. I’ve just walked to the library (doesn’t this picture make it look so daunting?) and am about to focus on some things due tomorrow!


Let’s backtrack to the start of the weekend though!

I ended up not being able to run on Friday, and the whole day was a little more eventful than we had hoped for. Morgan broke her elbow last week while Amherst was really icy, and her surgery was scheduled for Friday, so we planned the day out and left early to be prepared! On the way there we got rear ended while waiting at a stop light, it was horrible timing. She continued to the hospital with a friend that picked her up while I sorted things out with the other driver. It’s good that I was stopped far behind the car in front of me so that I didn’t hit them. I then met my sister at the surgery waiting room a little while later. She’s so positive, if I broke my elbow I would be an absolute wreck.

I spent about 3 hours in the hospital cafe doing homework after my sister went in, and we were finally able to go back to UMass at 5:30. Erik sent Morgan and I some money to get snacks since we had such a rough day, so we stopped to treat ourselves on the way home πŸ™‚ Also, Morgan hadn’t been allowed to eat or drink anything since dinner the day before so she was starving! Since we had left at 9am it was a long, long day at the hospital- I was so happy to get home, make dinner, watchΒ This is UsΒ and be in my bed again. I didn’t get to run but I decided that I would get in a really good run before work on Saturday morning. I was happy that Morgan’s surgery went perfectly and that everyone in the car crash was okay.

The next day I slept in late, put on some old John Mayer songs, and ran 4 miles! Friday was such a weird day for me, but my run was like pushing a reset button, and I felt so much better afterwards.


Then I went to The Works for more homework and a coffee. They have the best French Vanilla around!


I was caffeinated and ready for work – and for Emily’s surprise party I had planned for that night! I was actually really excited for work at the ice cream store because they have new butterscotch brownie and red velvet oreo flavors that I wanted to try (I was right, I knew they would both be amazing). On the way home I went to pick up some balloons, streamers, and a vegan donut at Glazed as Emily’s birthday cake! We had so much fun, I think I’m getting pretty good at hosting people at our house πŸ™‚ Emily wasn’t surprised but she said she can’t be surprised, oh well, I tried.


I’ll spare the details of Sunday and Monday because it would be way too boring for anyone to read, or for me to write (run –> work –> homework). Lately I’ve been picking up a bunch of shifts at the dining hall at school because Ian and I are going on a mini road trip for Spring Break (New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C.)! I want to have plenty of money saved for that week to use for gas and treat ourselves wherever we make a stop. I actually don’t mind because I make the pizzas at Franklin (which is kind of fun) and I get a free meal every time I work! That means I’ve had to buy less and less groceries πŸ™‚Β 20180218_135303.jpg

Look how different the running path was since the picture before! By Saturday the path had finally gotten dry and safe again, had heavy snow on it all the way until Monday, and now today it is all dry again. Crazy.


After work on Sunday I watched No Strings AttachedΒ at Julia’s house with our friends, which was super relaxing. Justin Timberlake looks so young in that movie!! I almost wish I hadn’t fallen asleep while hanging out but it was nice to take a nap. The funny thing is they made me a coffee, maybe it was decaf??


Before I started homework and worked on Monday I went for a walk while listening to “Modern Love,” one of my favorite podcasts on Spotify! I really enjoy this podcast because famous actors read essays written by ordinary people who submit them. They are all about love, but they can be about any kind of love (love for sisters, pets, moms, work, grandfathers, friends, sports, boyfriends, anything really!) Some are heartbreaking, some are uplifting, you really never know what you’re going to get with each one. I think its actually hosted or sponsored by the New York Times.



A Birthday Party and Pennsylvania (Twice!)

I’m so lucky because my friends threw me a surprise birthday party the first weekend back at UMass and it was so much fun! When I got back to my house at night, all my pals were already there and ready to party- The house was decorated by Emily, and Julia and Molly got me a birthday cake! We took to the bars after hanging out at home for a while πŸ™‚


My ladies πŸ™‚


And we got a snow day, so even though I had to work in the morning, I got to go on a snow run afterwards (I had the whole path to myself!) Lately I’ve only been running 3 miles a day, and that just feels like enough. I’m trying to run when I feel like it instead of forcing it, which turns out to be everyday, but only 2-3 miles, for now! It’s been fun trying to do more strength work and taking the gym classes at UMass.

Then I caught up on homework and took a 2 hour nap πŸ™‚


I needed to catch up because I would be spending the next two weekends in Pennsylvania! I never thought I would spend this much time there, but Ian and Kylie both chose to be there, so you can find me in Bethlehem and Philadelphia more weekends than you might think πŸ˜‰

Before I left for the drive on Friday I got to the gym at 6am to run 3 miles and do some strength work so I could leave early! The best part about being up before the rest of the school is that I can shamelessly take pictures of UMass in the snow.


I was extra excited to visit Lehigh because Ian has found a few different coffee shops that he wanted to try out together.

The first coffee shop was called “Lit,” and I got tea instead of coffee! That was different for me, but I didn’t want to be caffeinated so I could take a nap. I got ginger tea and Ian got hot chocolate (served in a flower pot), it was super hipster…


That first weekend I was in Pennsylvania was super bowl weekend, and as I started writing this post I realized that I took NO PICTURES (oops), besides this tea I got at the quirky coffee shop. That is very unlike me, but I guess that means I was having a really good time! We went to eat at a restaurant that changes their menu for every meal. They have really fresh ingredients and made meals with what they have until they run out and get different ingredients. It was really cool, and very tasty.

I was sad that the Patriots lost (especially being around Patriots-haters), but I moved on much faster than Ian did. I only just started to enjoy watching football so I guess wasn’t super attached yet! The positive side was that Ian and all his friends made food for the game and we got to hang out in their warm house all day while it was freezing temperatures outside πŸ™‚

This last Friday I did the same routine, getting to the gym early, and I got to Lehigh in the early afternoon πŸ™‚ This time I was making the trip because Sunday was our 5 year anniversary!! Last year I was in Spain for it, so we were really glad to be together this year. Ian had another coffee shop to try, and this time I definitely wanted coffee, not tea. I liked Deja Brew a lot better! The coffee was amazing, our order was really cheap, and there were tons of Lehigh decorations. I want to go back!

Ian cooked on Friday night and then we went out with his friends πŸ™‚

We had planned a hike for Saturday morning and needed to go on the early side because after the morning it was going to rain for the rest of the weekend. We hiked 3.1 miles and it was cool to see the trails that Ian likes to mountain bike on.


After that we went to grab some coffee at The Wise Bean! I thought we would be able to sit but it was so much smaller than in the pictures, so we took our coffee to go. I love going out for coffee instead of meals because it’s a lot of fun for me and inexpensive too. Both weekends we went mostly went out for coffee and then make food at Ian’s house. Except for the tacos, details to come!

We walked around main street and went in the cutest book shop that was enormous. In addition to books they had a candy section and a bar in the back! If it was later in the afternoon maybe we would have gone πŸ™‚


But that wasn’t an option because the library was next on the agenda! Ian had an exam on Monday and I needed to do homework so that when I got back to school I wouldn’t be so behind. I also signed up to do some mock interviews on Monday night, so I needed to practice making a specific resume and cover letter for those.


We did our anniversary dinner on Saturday instead of Sunday (our actual anniversary), because Ian wanted to show me the 3rd best taco spot in the country! I haven’t tasted the others, but I don’t understand how these tacos aren’t #1. The restaurant was called “Aqui Es A Taste of Mexico.” We got three different kinds (steak, chicken and pork) and I could only finish 3 and a half before I was too full. It was really fun and the people that worked there were so kind! I usually don’t order tacos when I go out for Mexican, but these were so so good.


We spent the rest of the night watching “Snatched,” it was pretty entertaining but not our favorite, maybe I was too tired to really focus!

Sunday was really rainy too, so we went to the library after we woke up to study and do more homework. I really didn’t mind though, because the Lehigh library is absolutely beautiful! There is a stained glass ceiling, and since we got there early, Ian and I got a really good spot.


Eventually we needed fuel though, so we left the library around 1 and I learned that Ian has perfected cooking “eggs in a nest,” that we saw on the Binging With Babish youtube channel!


Even though it was gray all weekend, I was in really good company with Ian and his friends, and I’d have to say it was one of the best weekends yet πŸ™‚ Tomorrow I hope to spend some time with my friends for Valentine’s Day, which is excellent motivation for finishing a research paper before that happens. And the next couple of weekends I plan on exploring Amherst more!