Snippets from the Last College Winter Break (!!)

One of my favorite parts about being home is that when I wake up there is usually a pot of coffee ready and a free comfy chair to sit in for maybe a little too long, eventually getting out on a run, and then meeting up with Ian or friends later on! It’s my favorite routine, but unfortunately each day absolutely flew by 😦 I’m back at school and only forgot a few things (ummm- the sheets for my bed, what was I thinking??)


I only went to the canal twice this break because it was pretty much a sheet of ice the whole time I was home. But on the random 50-degree day I really wanted to go for a walk while I had the chance!


I also have a much harder time getting to 10,000 steps at home than I do at school. At school, I usually have hit that goal by 10am just from my run and then walking to classes. At home, my run doesn’t quite get me there – but Ian was willing to go on a few walks with me 🙂 we could walk into the marshes because the mud was frozen solid! I’ve never done that before!


And most of break was food, food, and more food! I need to get back on track this week 🙂

The last night of break my family went to Antonio’s, which is almost 45 minutes from our house, but WELL worth the trip. My dad is obsessed with this place and lucky for us, we get to benefit from that 🙂 Portuguese food for the win!! We got way too much and had plenty of leftovers. I wish I had remembered to take a picture before digging in.


For Christmas Ian had a gift card to Fisherman’s View! We decided to go a few days before school started which was a great way to end break. I got swordfish with mashed potatoes and it was AMAZING. Ian got fish and chips (typical). It was really fun, I had only been there once before!


We really don’t ever say goodbye until I’ve eaten some chocolate chip pancakes 😉 The first time we left for college this is what we ate, and then we just kept doing that every time we parted. I love this tradition, and actually this is the second to last time we’ll do this after carrying it out all the way through college! Can you see how chocolate chip pancakes are a bittersweet food for me 🙂 ?


Today my roommate and I are going to an art museum and then getting started on some of the work we’ve already been assigned, it will for sure be a good first weekend back!


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