Feelin’ 22

Luckily there was no major blizzard on my birthday this year (although it was pretty close!!)

I was so excited for the seventh this year because as a gift for Ian and I, his mom got us tickets to the Killers concert! We’ve both listened to them since probably the seventh grade so it was pretty exciting. I started off the day with a cup of coffee before the rest of my family was awake, and then once Morgan was awake we went downtown for Marylou’s coffee and to look at the canal. It was FREEZING so we sat in the car the whole time.


I opened presents from my mom and got ready for the day- we left for Boston around 1!

After we checked into the Boston Park Plaza, we went to the Thinking Cup for, yes, another cup of coffee. I was over-caffeinated the whole day and was pretty happy about it. An americano for me (or coffee water as Ian called it) and a French hot chocolate for Ian! He normally wouldn’t want to sit in a coffee shop for as long as we did, but since it was my birthday I got my way 🙂


Then we went back to the hotel to catch up on the Jaguars game and get ready for dinner and the concert! I honestly can’t remember the name of the restaurant we went to, but it was a bit further from the Garden because everywhere near it had almost a 2-hour wait. Just a nice, healthy dinner for the two of us!


I can’t even explain how awesome the concert was. The Killers are SO GOOD in person, and they played all my favorites (Mr. Brightside, Smile Like You Mean It, All These Things That I’ve Done, When You Were Young, …) and Ian knew the words to every song 🙂 I’m so glad everyone stood the whole time because it’s way more fun that way- We were there for over 3 hours but it felt like a half hour, it flew by!


After seeing the line for the T, we opted to walk back to the hotel in the cold. I was glad we did though because we got to walk through Boston Common at midnight with nowhere we needed to be!


Safe to say that this was one of my favorite birthdays yet, filled with all my favorite things to do, and favorite people to be with! I’m very, very lucky 🙂

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