Friendsgiving and the Hot Chocolate Run

The Works does all their coffee for $1.80 and on Monday mornings I am all about it, so when I have time I gather all my things and head here for a few hours at the start of every week. This week I finally have the time to go because last week was assignment-heavy. But here I am, two 10-page research papers, 2 short essays, and and exam later – still breathing!


On Saturday I ran a quick 2.5 miles and went to Northampton at 10am to pick up Molly and my bib numbers for the Hot Chocolate run the next day! We wanted to get them early because although you can get them the day of the race, it is always chaotic and stressful because this race has thousands of participants. I went by myself, since the rest of the UMass world is dead on Saturday mornings. It was surprisingly easy to find a free parking spot, and after getting our race bib numbers, I got  a coffee from Share Coffee Roasters. I went window shopping with took me all the way around Northampton. All their Chrismas decorations are up and I just love it.

After work, Molly came over and we went to Friendsgiving! I made stuffing, and she brought cinnamon bread. Julia, Molly and Joo hosted it at their apartment, and there was so much more food than I was expecting!! We had veggie casserole, mac and cheese, stuffing, rotisseri chicken, mashed poatoes, rolls, and sweet potatoes. But that didn’t even include dessert. We had Molly’s cinnamon bread, pumpkin pie, mini apple pie muffins (with a cinnamon roll crust), and pudding shots! We also watched Elf while we ate and ended up having so many leftovers.

Molly and Julia set up with Cranberry Moscow Mules table and they were really good!


On Sunday Molly and I headed back to Northampton for the Hot Chocolate Run!!! We did it last year and it was so much fun, so we made sure it was on our agenda again for 2017. The best part about the race is that it benefits Safe Passage, a domestic violence shelter. This year they raised $615,000 to battle domestic violence! They took my picture even though I looked like I haven’t slept in 10 years…

20171203_095520_Film1 (1).jpg

I didn’t plan on running the race very hard, but once it got started I was running faster than I normally would, races are too exciting. There were a few steep hills going through Smith College around mile 2, but I kept moving and ended up finishing in 25:41, which is 8:15 per mile. I was pretty happy with that after having not run much since the marathon. I got my new mug and went to wait for Molly. She said she felt really good during that race too!! Maybe the cold weather is good for racing.


Before I went to work for the afternoon we picked up Lindsey and got breakfast sandwiches at Brueggers. I ate like total crap this weekend so I’m really excited to eat some vegetable this week and get back on track. The holidays are such a hard time for me to balance healthy eating, and I did not do great with that this weekend. But I still had a lot of fun with all my friends, went to work twice, and got to run a 5k, so I won’t dwell on it too much!

Have a happy Monday everyone 🙂

1 thought on “Friendsgiving and the Hot Chocolate Run”

  1. Great post! First off any post with coffee in it is a must read, so you had me in the first paragraph! Second I thibk it’s awesome that you did that running for such a great cause. There is a cheery excitement in your writing and I really dig it.I hope to read more your stuff! Happy Monday!


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