Misanthrope, Wheaton, and Parents Weekend

Running 6 miles today felt so much better than it has since my half marathon (a whole month ago)! I don’t know what it was, but the weather, my music, my pace, and my energy were all working together today to make for the perfect run. Rewinding to this weekend, though, my runs were definitely not the best. Exhibit A:

I felt so exhausted on my 4 mile run Friday afternoon, a week full of work does that to you I guess! I tried out a new route too, and there were wayyyyy more hills than I was planning on, but every run can’t be a good one I suppose.


That night I ended up going to see a show at the Fine Arts Center with Julia and her friend! We saw Misanthrope, and it was really entertaining, but it just wasn’t my style. Before the show we went to see UMass alums have a Q&A. They were Jeff Donovan and Rob Corddry, who I recognized, but I wasn’t exactly sure what show I had seen them in. I found out that Jeff Donovan is in Law & Order! They were really funny and had a lot of interesting things to say, so I’m glad we went early.


The show was of a cast creating a sitcom, if that makes sense. (Inception!) It’s hard to explain but the premise of it was that we were watching a cast of men and women produce a sitcom, including the parts when their show was not going on. It was really cool and definitely different from anything I had seen before in theater! Although I don’t go that much, so maybe this is normal… I really have no idea 🙂

I woke up to Saturday being grey and rainy—


I didn’t need to leave for Wheaton until 4, so I had time for a short (rainy and cold) run, homework, and a nap before heading out! I woke up and rainbow had appeared, it was so pretty and picture-perfect.



When I got to Wheaton we went to a minute film festival, got supper, and went to a party near their houses. It was SO fun hanging out with all my friends from home, and it’s always cool to see a different college campus than the one I’m so used to. I’m lucky I have such a great group 🙂 


When I left the next morning the campus was so quiet and pretty!


I left super early so that I could shower and get ready before my parents and grandma came!! She keeps surprising us, the half marathon and now this!


My mom brought Morgan and I both new moccasins and a care package! Just in time too, it’s getting really cold and I’ve been craving popcorn for way too long now…

We showed them our rooms and then we went to eat! My dad was happy to fill up on stir fry and sushi, and I was just happy to be eating something hot. We sat there for a while talking and then went to watch the second half of the women’s soccer game. My dad was really into it and I realized I had never been to the women’s soccer games, I should try to go more often! After going for another walk after the game they were off, until Thanksgiving 🙂


Only three days of school this week for me and then off to D.C.!! Although that means I am cramming all my homework into a shorter time period, lets hope I survive 🙂

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