Misanthrope, Wheaton, and Parents Weekend

Running 6 miles today felt so much better than it has since my half marathon (a whole month ago)! I don’t know what it was, but the weather, my music, my pace, and my energy were all working together today to make for the perfect run. Rewinding to this weekend, though, my runs were definitely not the best. Exhibit A:

I felt so exhausted on my 4 mile run Friday afternoon, a week full of work does that to you I guess! I tried out a new route too, and there were wayyyyy more hills than I was planning on, but every run can’t be a good one I suppose.


That night I ended up going to see a show at the Fine Arts Center with Julia and her friend! We saw Misanthrope, and it was really entertaining, but it just wasn’t my style. Before the show we went to see UMass alums have a Q&A. They were Jeff Donovan and Rob Corddry, who I recognized, but I wasn’t exactly sure what show I had seen them in. I found out that Jeff Donovan is in Law & Order! They were really funny and had a lot of interesting things to say, so I’m glad we went early.


The show was of a cast creating a sitcom, if that makes sense. (Inception!) It’s hard to explain but the premise of it was that we were watching a cast of men and women produce a sitcom, including the parts when their show was not going on. It was really cool and definitely different from anything I had seen before in theater! Although I don’t go that much, so maybe this is normal… I really have no idea 🙂

I woke up to Saturday being grey and rainy—


I didn’t need to leave for Wheaton until 4, so I had time for a short (rainy and cold) run, homework, and a nap before heading out! I woke up and rainbow had appeared, it was so pretty and picture-perfect.



When I got to Wheaton we went to a minute film festival, got supper, and went to a party near their houses. It was SO fun hanging out with all my friends from home, and it’s always cool to see a different college campus than the one I’m so used to. I’m lucky I have such a great group 🙂 


When I left the next morning the campus was so quiet and pretty!


I left super early so that I could shower and get ready before my parents and grandma came!! She keeps surprising us, the half marathon and now this!


My mom brought Morgan and I both new moccasins and a care package! Just in time too, it’s getting really cold and I’ve been craving popcorn for way too long now…

We showed them our rooms and then we went to eat! My dad was happy to fill up on stir fry and sushi, and I was just happy to be eating something hot. We sat there for a while talking and then went to watch the second half of the women’s soccer game. My dad was really into it and I realized I had never been to the women’s soccer games, I should try to go more often! After going for another walk after the game they were off, until Thanksgiving 🙂


Only three days of school this week for me and then off to D.C.!! Although that means I am cramming all my homework into a shorter time period, lets hope I survive 🙂


The Running Trails are Looking Like Fall!

I have an hour before getting back to work today, so its the perfect time to write!

I have a meeting to officially declare my minor in Education, and I don’t have the motivation to start weekend homework quite yet, so here I am, writing! 🙂


It felt like such a short week with Ian being here at the beginning, but I’m not complaining that it’s already Friday! Luckily I was able to do homework at the beginning of the week so I didn’t have too much left. I got back to running on Wednesday morning and all the leaves must have fallen this weekend! The trails were so pretty. It is definitely motivating to get out on a run while the trails are looking like this 🙂 I ran a relaxing 3.4 miles on Wednesday.


So pretty!!!

On Thursday I actually ran twice because I forgot that I had running club later on in the afternoon. I didn’t mind though because I was happy to be running as much as possible! I started off with a 3.7 mile run and later on ran 4.3 miles with the club. It was perfect and I am feeling relaxed and strong with my running! A lot of people seem to be in training for a race, but I am enjoying just running however much I feel that day.


But there are some fun and festive 5ks coming up! I’m most excited for the Hot Chocolate Run (two of my favorite things!) which is so close by. It’s in Northampton so a few of my friends and I are going to go!


I also want to run the Ugly Sweater 5k, but that is further away (Boston) so it might not happen for me, I can still hope though 😉


In between runs and classes yesterday I was able to take a nap! That hasn’t happened in a while now, but I forced myself to get through a few essays and take an hour to sit in bed and do nothing. I made green tea too (I’ve been obsessed lately) in the mug that my roommate got me! I love how whenever I’m drinking out of the mug that says “go the extra mile” I’m usually being extra lazy 😉


Hopefully I can get a lot of sleep this week because on Thursday morning I am leaving for Washington D.C.! I’m going with the International Relations Club to a Georgetown Conference for the whole weekend, it’s going to be so fun and totally new for me. I went to some conferences with my high school, but some of the students at this one get credits for going and I’ve heard they are intense, I can’t wait to write about it!

I don’t have much planned for the rest of the day except for a run and getting ready to visit my friends at Wheaton tomorrow, and seeing my parents on Sunday (yayy!)


Hiking, Puppies, and Lots of Food!

Thank goodness for this weekend!! I know its already Tuesday but it feels like Sunday to me. Get ready to see a lot of pictures of food and puppies!

But first here are a few pictures from my morning runs this week 🙂


This week I joined running club, and I’m so glad that I did! I went Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and we ran quite a bit (6 miles each time). The people in the club are so nice and it feels good to run with a group again. They run a little bit faster than my usual pace, and they don’t avoid hills like I do 😉 so it has been really good for me. We do start at 5pm so it starts to get dark before we finish. I wear really bright clothing just in case it takes longer than expected! So on Friday we ran 6 miles and then I waited for Ian to arrive! We went to my friend’s 21st birthday party after grabbing something to eat and were so exhausted by the end of the night!


Saturday morning we went to Atkins for breakfast before going to the Notch for a hike. I got a bagel and Ian got two apple cider donuts, it was so yummy as usual! Ian liked the hike a lot too, and it isn’t very far at all. I only got one picture of Ian at the top, I kind of forgot to have my camera out! There are trails that go much further, but we just wanted to see the first lookout and then head back so we could go to Vermont to visit with his aunt and uncle! Oh and to see their new puppy!


We got there in the afternoon and I had my first ever hot apple cider! Ian’s uncle was heating it up when we got there and we had brought apple cider donuts to pair with it. A match made in heaven. For supper later on we had grilled steak, wild rice, and salad- we couldn’t have been happier! It was so relaxing to hang out with the pups, play cards, and talk until we were ready for bed.


go086go098I really wanted to stay longer but we had to leave in the morning 😦 I love the coffee at their house and after that I was ready to hit the road! We got one final picture with Zander, he is so so so cute!


They actually don’t live that far, so we were back at UMass before noon 🙂 I did some homework while Ian watched Netflix (he had Monday and Tuesday off from school) and then we went to visit more of his relatives! This time we went to his grandparents house and had lunch at Antonio’s Pizza in Belchertown. The waitress was really awesome and since we went in the afternoon it wasn’t very busy! Ian and I opted to split the tortellini chicken pizza and were definitely not disappointed. It had pesto too so we were happy people 🙂


We sat outside and talked for quite a while before heading back to their house to watch the Patriots game! I loved watching the recorded game because we got to rewind through all the commercials. I swear that made the game two hours shorter!


Insert me doing more homework before Monday classes, going to class on Monday, and then we went into South Hadley to walk around and drink coffee! I wanted to show him Thirsty Mind which I loveeee. He got a pumpkin frozen drink thing with a cinnamon roll, and I got a cappuccino with a 7-layer bar! I think he liked the place but sometimes its hard to tell 😉


At night we watched Zootopia (my brother loves that movie) and I really liked it! It was a kids movie but it wasn’t too corny and it had a good plot twist! It was so fun to watch a movie and fall asleep early the last night we hung out. I would definitely recommend it!


And before he left this morning we went to the Stables for breakfast 🙂 We always get breakfast our last mornings together! It’s always bittersweet but I know I’ll see him again soon. I got chocolate and peanut butter chip pancakes, and Ian got an omelette!



We didn’t exercise much this weekend except for the hike and a small arm workout we did last night. I feel… okay about it. I definitely miss the feeling of running for four whole days, but I’ll get back into it this week. It’s SO weird for me to not be running or going to gym classes for a few days, but still eating food. I still get in this habit when if I don’t exercise, I don’t eat either! I didn’t do that this weekend so I’m pretty proud of myself, I would live it all over again if I could 🙂 Ian says I was still healthy because I ate a lot of salads all weekend, but I still feel like I indulged too much. Just something I need to to work on getting better at 🙂

And tomorrow is already Wednesday! I love how fast this week is going by, and I get to see my parents again on Sunday 🙂


Columbus Day Weekend

Hi everyone!!

It has been an amazing (but busy) week, and I’m so excited that I got to head home for three days. I brought homework with me, but that is a-okay with me because I get to do it in the comfort of my home!

I am actually SO SORE right now. As a resolution for the month of October, I am forcing myself to do different exercises besides running, and I’m enjoying it much more than I thought I would. I have been doing this 5-minute arm workout every morning and night, as well as joining boot camp and insanity classes at the gym. So that means I have been working my core, arms, and back way more than I have ever before! It feels awesome, but yes I am sooooooo sore. I hope that I keep this up after October ends, it just takes me more discipline than running does.

Speaking of running, it has been perfect this week. My mileage is way down from when I was training for the half marathon, but I’m weirdly okay with it. I even slept through my time to run on Wednesday and I was okay, I probably needed the extra sleep more than a run! You can see how much less I am running by this week:

Monday: 4.2 miles

Tuesday: 2 miles (I got out on a run and then realized I didn’t feel like it)

Wednesday: slept through my run!

Thursday: 4.4 miles on the treadmill

Friday: 5 miles

I definitely got in some miles while I am home (8) because running down by the ocean is the best. It is fun running in Amherst, but I already missed Cape running a whole bunch!

I don’t have many pictures from this weekend because my phone was broken, but I just set up my brother’s old iPhone 4, so I do have a few pictures from today!

Saturday was pretty but rather humid for October. My mom and I went shopping to get stuff I will need to wear for a model UN conference in D.C. later this month! I don’t have really business-y clothing, so it was good that we went. I ran five miles beforehand and spent the rest of the day dong homework and catching up on South Park with Peter! My mom made stir-fry and it was refreshing to eat a home-cooked meal. She also bought Ben and Jerry’s (3 different kinds!!) so an ice cream sundae was a must. photo 1 (1).JPG

Yesterday, Sunday, it poured all day. Perfect for a day off from exercise! I went to lunch with my friend Catie at Beth’s Teas and caught up on anything and everything, we were there until the cafe was closing! It was really good to see her and talk about life.

Later on l went to visit my friend who was sick and went to watch the debate at my friend Cathy’s house! It was cringy to watch but I liked being there, I haven’t been over her house in so long!

After sleeping in for the third day in a row (hallelujah!) I went for a slow and exhausting 3 miles. Some days are the best, and other runs are the worst, that’s just how it goes! Then Peter and I went to the beach and Marylou’s for hot chocolate after (aka the beach was freeeeezing). Hurricane Matthew made the waves HUGE, especially for the Cape Cod beaches. The wind was so strong I could barely walk forward. It was really fun, I was glad I went to see the ocean before going back to school today!



photo 5.JPG