Movies, Prom, the Beach, Biking

Let’s go back to last Thursday for this recap post! A lot has happened this week (although not in the way of running) so I will try my best not to miss anything, or make it too boring 🙂

Thursday, as per usual, I was working at the ice cream shop from 12 until 4, and for some reason that short shift sometimes can make me so so tired! I was happy to see a movie with Ian and call it a night. Since Ian had the idea, he chose the movie– The Avengers: Civil War.  I am not a huge Avengers fan, but Ian loved it! We almost always get popcorn which makes us both happy campers 🙂 It got out at about 11 and I was exhausted, I almost never sleep with the lights on, so I must have been pooped because when I woke up Friday morning every light in my room was on!

On Friday I hadn’t planned on going to the movies, but our friends wanted to go again, and we had nothing else planned so why not! Thankfully they wanted to see The Nice Guys, which I heard would be really good. I loved this movie, and not only because Ryan Gosling is my favorite, but because it had a really cool plot line and I loved the decade it took place in. I wish I could talk more about it but I wouldn’t want to give anything away just in case!

I always forget about how much fun going to the movies is! Even though it can be a little pricey if you go too often, its so fun to relax in the theater and then talk about all the details of the movie with your friends afterwards 🙂

Before Ian and I went to see The Nice Guys on Friday we went to Craigville beach in Hyannis since I had been stuck at work during the nice part of the day. It was windy but so so pretty! I love that beach because it’s so flat and there aren’t too many rocks.


Saturday was prom day for my sister!! She looked so amazing as usual! I wished so badly that I could have gone to see all the girls dressed up, but since so many of the workers were also going to prom, I was on a longer shift at the ice cream store. I was ecstatic when she and her friends showed up so I could talk to them all before they headed off to the dance! They even got ice cream in their dresses, that’s why they rule 🙂

Since I was going to be working all afternoon, Ian and I went to the beach in the morning and had fun finding cool-looking rocks and cracking them open to see what the inside looked like, Ian said he was looking for geodes 🙂

My pre-work snack was one of my favorite combinations! Yummmmmy.

pretzel chips

Sunday I finally had no work planned, so it turned out to be a really low key day! My brother from San Diego came to visit so we hung out with him and his girlfriend for most of the day 🙂 We tried to go to the beach but it was absolutely freezing, I think we lasted about ten minutes before we scrambled back to the car! Once we got back to the house I read Born to Run until Ian and I went for a bike ride on the Falmouth Shining Sea bike path. We biked about 13 miles which felt quite nice because I haven’t been able to run lately.


We ended up having a bonfire that night and you might’ve thought that I was ready for a blizzard! Jokes on everyone else though, because I was warm and toasty all night 🙂


Monday consisted of more work, and my my brother made his famous chicken pot pie. He doesn’t know how to cook a lot of things, but this is his specialty.


Yesterday I convinced Ian to wake up at 7 to go for another bike ride with me at the same trail 🙂 It is so nice to exercise in the morning even if it isn’t running, and the trail was very empty which was nice because we could bike next to each other pretty much the whole time! We also got Dunkin’ Donuts afterwards which made me happy before work 🙂

And I will leave you with that long recap for today, happy Wednesday!!